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What is ICSoM?

ICSoM is an abbreviation for INTERNATIONAL CHARISMA SCHOOL OF MINISTRY. It is a ministerial training institute where Pastors and Church workers are trained. It is an affiliate of the International Charismatic Bible Church, Finland.

Is there any scholarship scheme for students/applicants?

Unfortunately, ICSoM does not have a scholarship scheme/program for applicants/students. ICSoM does not charge tuition fee but some little donation is required from the students. Applicants are advised to seek financial support from either their denominations or some other source.

Is ICSoM accredited by the Finnish National Board of Education/Ministry of Education?

No! ICSoM is not accredited by the Finnish Ministry of Education. ICSoM does not train people for public office holders, but for those who have the calling to work in the church where government accreditation is not required.

Are the facilitators/study advisors of the program qualified to teach?

ICSOM has facilitators who are qualified to teach in Finnish Public Vocational and Universities of Applied Sciences and they have rich experiences in the work of the Ministry.

How much does the training cost?

A non-refundable application fee of 25 Euro is required. The training is relatively free but participants are required to pay a minimum donation of five hundred Euros (500) equivalent.

How long does it take to complete the entire program?

Participants learn at their own pace but a maximum of two years is required to finish the studies

Does ICSoM accept credits transfer from non-accredited Bible Schools and Colleges?

Yes, but the applicant should be able to demonstrate competence in the module(s) for which transfer is being sought. This must be discussed with the study advisors.

Can I receive ordination for Ministry after completion of the program?

Ordination is not automatic after the completion of the program. Each candidate is assessed based on the core principles and values of the International Charismatic Bible Church.

Who do I contact if I have any problem with my studies?

You are advised to contact the administration at and you would receive help as soon as possible. Upon enrollment, you shall be assigned a study advisor to guide you through your studies successfully.

Can one apply for some selected or specific modules instead of the whole program?

Yes, it is possible to study for some specific modules and not the entire program. You can select the modules in which you would like to deepen competencies.

Would the credits from ICSoM be accepted by other institutions of learning?

The transferability and acceptability of credits from ICSoM depend on the receiving institutions. The credits gained from one nationally accredited institution of learning may not automatically be accepted by another nationally accredited institution. You may always check it out from the receiving institution.

Does the transfer of credits reduce the donation (tuition fee) to be paid to ICSoM?

No. Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) and transfer of credits from previous studies do not reduce the donation to be made to ICSoM.

Why do I need to create an account?

By creating an account and registering, you can apply to be part of our Bible school community and receive a unique email address which you could use in corresponding with ICSoM.

How do I pay my application fee and the donation?

All fees and donations are paid by bank transfer/online payment into the accounts provided on the website of ICSoM.